Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Sync iTunes Library with Nexus 7 Wirelessly

With Google Music, you can upload about 20,000 songs to your personal library for free and sync your iTunes library from computer to your Nexus 7 tablet, no matter it's running Mac or Windows operating system.

How to Sync iTunes Library with Nexus 7 Wirelessly
* On your computer, login to with your Google account. Click "Upload Music" button and then "Download Music Manager".
* After the  download and installation is complete, launch Music Manager. In configuration screen, sign in, select iTunes to keep your music collection, and then upload all songs and playlists to Google Music.
* After your entire iTunes music library has been imported into Google Play, the music automatically becomes available on Nexus 7.


  1. How many hours does it take to upload your entire music collection? This is pointless. I just want to drop a few songs, podcasts to my nexus and go for a drive. Too much work to care. How does google expect you to ALWAYS have wifi available? Also why prevent usb synching? It's 10x faster than wifi and means my pc still matters.

    1. Seriously? You're being given free space for up to 20,000 songs (my entire iTunes library of 11,000 songs is about 61.8 gig) and you're complaining that it will take a lot of time to upload the music. Really?

      I don't think Google expects that you will always have wifi available. But didn't you know that when you bought your Nexus?

      And finally, you are uploading the music to the Google server. I'm doing it through an ethernet connection from my Apple Mac to my broadband modem. How would you suggest doing this from your computer to their server via USB?

  2. Wow! glad I came across this. I was thinking of buying a nexus, but this is completely asenine. Can't use music away from home? That is a serious design flaw. I hope Asus or Apple gets a dcent 7" tab out there soon then. (though I would hate to pay Apple's prices, I would rather have something I can actually use.)

    1. Definitely NOT a design flaw...

      Google knows we don’t want to abandon our iTunes libraries and Music Manager is a great solution to that problem. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are ALL making the push toward cloud computing for the very reason that you CAN take files away from home. As mobile networks and public Wi-Fi become more widely available and faster, why do we need 500 GB+ hard drives to store our music, movies, and other data?

      Here are the facts...

      1. Music manager allows you to upload your entire library OR specific playlists AND can automatically sync with Google Play as you add new songs to your iTunes library. No manual syncing or USB connection to the device is necessary.

      2. Login to and access your library from ANY computer.

      3. On your Android tablet or phone, Google's Play Music app offers the "Keep on device" option, which downloads music, rather than streaming it--making it available without Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection. "Keep on device" is available by tapping on any playlist or album.

      4. Settings within Play Music help you manage data usage: (a) Stream via Wi-Fi only and (b) Download via Wi-Fi only. In addition, when not connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network, the (c) Hide Unavailable Music setting ensures that only music with the "Keep on device" option will appear.

      5. Google will NOT upload any music with Digital Rights Management (DRM) in file. For more information, see My first upload had 35 songs that failed for this reason (all originally downloaded legally from iTunes). Don’t blame Google; they’re just trying to observe copyright laws.

      Disclaimer: Nexus 7 Wi-Fi with mobile data. I promise I’m not a Google employee or anything. I just hate it when people immediately form strong opinions based on too little information! But hey, that’s what the Internet’s for, right?

  3. This is very helpful - having had an email from google with a button to press to supposedly tell you how to do it but it didn't work! I will try this when I get home tonight!