Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Sync Google Calendar on Nexus 7

It's easy to access Google Calendar by going to in your tablet's Chrome mobile  browser. With the native calendar application, you can use and sync Google Calendar on your Nexus 7.

How to Sync Google Calendar on Nexus 7
* Touch Settings 》 Personal 》 Accounts & Sync.
* Choose Add account 》Google 》Sign in when prompted,enter your full Gustavus email and password, and select which services to sync.
* From the Home or All Apps screen, touch the Calendar icon. Touch "Calendars to sync" at the bottom and select which calendars to be synced to your tablet. If you need to manually synchronize the calendars,  touch Menu 》 Refresh.


  1. this is not working for me- i have a business and a personal calendar but it does not sync the two on my tablet.