Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to sync Chrome bookmarks from computer to Nexus 7

Many people have a lot of bookmarks in Chrome desktop on their computer. But how can I use the same bookmarks in other device? It is easy to sync your bookmarks between computers and also to your Nexus 7 tablet.

Set up Sync Chrome Bookmarks on computer
* Sign in Google Chrome first, click the wrench icon in the upper left, choose "Options" 》"Personal Stuff", and click "Set up sync…".
* On the Data Types tab, check "Bookmarks". If you want to sync other datas with your accoun, just check on it, such as Apps, AutoFill and Themes. Then go to click OK button.

Sync bookmarks to Nexus 7 tablet
* From Home scren, touch Google Chrome app to open it.
* Tap the wrench icon on the browser toolbar, select "Sign in to Chrome" and sign in using your Google Account username and password.
* In the "Confirm Sync Preferences" screen, choose the "OK, sync everything" button and then OK.

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  1. this is not true...there isn't even a wrench on the chrome browser toolbar on the nexus 7.