Monday, July 23, 2012

How to stream video from NAS network drive to Nexus 7

I use a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo in my home network. It runs fine for my computer and my wife's laptop as well as stream to HDTV. But I want to be able to acsess the media files and stream  videos to my tablet. I have searched the Play store but find no app to do that.

How to stream video from hard network drive to Nexus 7
* In your router, forward port 1223 to your network drive's internal IP address and use TCP/UDP protocol.
* On your tablet, install "ES File Explorer" and "MX Video Player" from Google PLay store.
* In ES File Explorer, go to LAN tab, menu, New, Server, and configure the options. After done, you will see the network drive as a Samba share. Touch it to browse files, tap on the video file and select "MX Video Player" to play.

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