Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to Setup VPN on Nexus 7

VPN (virtual private networks) allows you to connect to the  local network resources from outside network securely. Google Nexus 7 tablet supports VPN protocols include PPTP and IPsec.

How to Setup VPN on Nexus 7 tablet
* Make sure you have obtained the details of the network to configure VPN access.
* From Home Screen, touch Settings 》 Wireless & networks 》 More 》 VPN.
* Touch Add VPN profile, fill in the information, and touch "Save" to add it to the list on the VPN screen. To connect to the VPN, touch the name of your VPN 》 Connect. Then you will see a Status icon and notification continuously. To edit a VPN, touch and hold the name of the VPN profile, and touch "Edit profile". If you need to delete a VPN, touch and hold the VPN profile from the VPN screen, and then choose "Delete profile" in the dialog.

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