Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Setup an Email Signature on Nexus 7

I always add a signature with my name, contact information and place of work to the bottom of email message. Nexus 7 tablet allows you to append one or a few lines of plain text with your message.

How to Setup an Email Signature on your Nexus 7 Device
Stock Email App:
* Open your Email App, and touch Menu > Settings.
* Choose "General Settings" and turn "Use Signature" to On.
* Select the particular account whose signature you want to add, touch Signature, and enter the signature text.
Gmail App:
* Make sure your Nexus 7 have installed the Gmail App.
* Open the App, tap Menu 》 More 》 Settings 》 your email address, and then "Signature".
* Type your signature and touch OK.

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