Monday, July 9, 2012

How To Set Nexus 7 Lock Screen PIN, Password or Unlock Pattern

To prevent unauthorized access, you can lock your Nexus 7 tablet with a password, PIN or unlock pattern. Now take a few minutes to set up some basic security and set up the locking the screen.

To adjust your lock settings, touch Settings 》 Personal 》 Security 》Screen lock. You will be presented with those choices: Slide, Face Unlock, Pattern, PIN or Password. Touch the type of lock you need and follow the step by step:

Set Pattern Unlock
It involves a grid of 9 dots on which you draw a pattern with your finger to unlock the tablet. The pattern must connect at least four dots and you can't use a dot more than once. Enter your pattern and confirm it. Easy to use but no secure.

Set PIN Unlock
Familiar with PIN numbers for the ATM card. You can use just 4 or up to 16 numbers. Enter your PIN, press "Continue" and confirm it again.

Set Password Unlock
You can use both numbers, punctuation and letters for password and have it up to 16 characters. After you enter the password, press Continue, enter it again and then hit OK.


  1. I do not have security/pin enabled.
    I used androidlost to test remote securing it with the PIN.
    It secured it, but now I cannot turn off the PIN feature.

  2. found answer to my problem... in andriodlost turn off the pin set (another button/obtion)