Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to remove google account from Nexus 7

I have just purchased and got a new Nexus 7 tablet and my wife take it to use. She used her Google account to log in to read mails and download some apps from Google PLay. Now I need to change and remove google account from my Nexus 7. I can't find a way to add my account. How can I do that?

* You can go to Settings 》 Accounts 》 Add account. Setup your own account and delete the superfluous one.
* To remove a Google account, Touch Settings 》 Accounts 》Google, then tap Menu 》Remove account.
* If it is the only google account on the tablet, the only way is a factory data reset/wipe.


  1. This the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I hate having my gmail account on my nexus 7!

  2. I agree it sux. Makes me wanna throw this thing off my balcony. Also can't attach a PDF to an email account I've opened in browser!!

  3. you morons do realize that the nexus is a GOOGLE product right?

  4. Thanks! This helped a lot!