Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Play YouTube videos through Nexus Q

Nexus Q Media Player supports streaming music, HD movies, and videos from Google Play store. With YouTube app, you can stream videos through one or more Nexus Qs and the attached equipment. Here is how to play YouTube videos through Nexus Q to TV.

* Make sure you have setup Nexus Q correctly and you need an Android phone or tablet.
* Touch YouTube app and tap on a video thumbnail to play. When the play controls are active, there is a streaming icon near the top right of the screen.
* For one Nexus Q with one TV, touch it and the icon turns blue, the videos will start streaming to TV through the Q. For multiple Nexus Qs with multiple TVs, just touch the streaming icon and then select a room in the lists. But it's no way to stream videos to more than one Nexus Q at the same time.

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