Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Pair/Connect Nexus7 to Bluetooth headset/keyboard

Bluetooth devices make the Nexus7 to interact with wireless accessories, such as headsets and keyboards. Bluetooth headset is useful for making calls or hands-free kits for cars. The Nexus 7's touchscreen keyboard isactually pretty good for a touchkeyboard, but not good for doing major emailing and documents, so you need a Bluetooth keyboard.

To connect Nexus7 to a Bluetooth device, you need to turn on Bluetooth first. Touch Settings 》 Wireless & networks, and slide the Bluetooth switch to ON.

To Pair your tablet with a Bluetooth device, Touch Settings 》 Wireless & networks 》Bluetooth. Touch "Search for devices." and the IDs of all available Bluetooth devices will display. Touch a Bluetooth device in the list to pair with it. If it ask you to enter a passcode, type 0000 or 1234. Now  go to connect to a Bluetooth headset/keyboard, just touch a paired but unconnected device in the list of devices screen.


  1. It's connected to a Bluespoon headset, but I can't use it with Google Voice. Making calls is then out of the question. Because the feedback for the other person is terrible. Speaker and mic are too close together. Try using it on Hangouts with video? Without the ability to switch to the Bluetooth device like my headset, Jelly Bean is worthless on Nexus 7!

  2. No mate just install BT mono from play and that's it, you press on button it switches to bluetooth and press off to switch to tablet again on YouTube how to install Bluetooth headset for tablet.