Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Make Skype Video Calls On Nexus 7

Skype is the popular software for voice and video calls and supports Mac, Windows and Android operating systems. By default, the Android version disables the video calling option. If you want to setup Skype and make Video Calls on Nexus 7, try the following setp by step:

* If the tablet doesn't have Skype installed yet, open Google PLay, search for "Skype" and install it.
* Open Skype from your apps, press menu and select Setting. Check "Enable video calls" and tap "Continue" in notifying. Then Skype will automatically reload.
* Select one of your contacts and choose "Skype call" action. That use your Front camera and supports both portrait and landscape mode.


  1. Tried to download app get "device not compatible with this version". What are other options or fixes?

  2. Thank you works fine on my nexus7

  3. The resolution from the tablet's camera seems bad. Is there a way to fix it?

  4. Hi,

    I too face the same problem, The video quality in skype through nexus 7 tablet is very bad, they can view us only pixels.

    I am also waiting for solution, whether skype will release new version or patch for this issue. If you get any kindly update this site.

  5. I made a call no one picked up but I could not hang up and it went on ringing forever. The only solution was to power off the Nexus 7. Bad!