Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Locate your Nexus 7 Tablet on Google Maps

Is there any way to track a Nexus 7 tablet with an Android app if my  Nexus 7 getting lost or stolen? For a tablet, it's a glimmer of hope exists. Apps may claim to locate it.

How to Locate your Nexus 7 Tablet using Google Maps
* Make sure you have an own Google Apps Account. Touch the Google Play Store app and install the "Google Apps Device Policy" app. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add a new account, and then configure the app to link with this added account.
* Open on your computer, and login to your Account. Then you are able to locate your Nexus 7, Managege (doing Reset PIN, Ring Device, Lock Device) and view the device information on Google Maps.

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