Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Install CA certificates on Nexus 7

Nexus 7 is running Android system with support DER-encoded X.509 certificates and X.509 certificates saved in PKCS#12 key store files with a .p12 or .pfx extension. You can install digital certificates on Nexus 7 and then use it for authentication to corporate services.

How to install a certificate from your Nexus 7 tablet's internal storage
* Connect the tablet to computer, and copy the certificate or key store from your computer to the root of internal storage.
* Touch Settings  》 Personal 》 Security 》 Credential storage 》Install from storage, select the filename of the certificate.
* Enter the key store password if prompted, and then touch OK.


  1. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me, it imports the User Cert but not the CA cert. I have a PEM and a P12 file which I dropped into the root and imported, but when I connected up to the WIFI the CA cert didn't take. I get a user cert. Anyone else observing that? It's a TLS network.

  2. worked OK for me. You have to export everything in one certificate file to get this working.

  3. maybe I am in the wrong forum but why would you need to use a cert on a nexus 7...

    1. I need it for both WiFi and VPN. In theory anyone who runs their own certification authority would want to integrate their root certificate for any of their local SSL/TLS based services.

    2. I need it for WiFi and VPN. It would be nice to have the other applications use my root certification for accessing any of my SSL/TLS based services.