Monday, July 16, 2012

How to install .APK Files on Nexus 7 Manually

Nexus 7 is runnning the Android operating system. If you want to install third party applications to your tablet, you need to install APK (Android Package files) files. Here is a simple step-by-step instructions for manually installing .APK Files on Nexus 7 through the Google Play Market.

* Conect your Nexus 7 to computer via USB, copy the .APK file you want to install to your tablet's internal memory.
* Touch Google Play app on Home screen. In the Android Market, search for the Apps Installer, App Installer, z-App Installer or Fast Installer application.Select one of them and tap on the install button.
* After the installtion is finished, the app will display the APK files. Tap on it to start installing.


  1. There's no installer on the device? It installs things all the time though.

  2. Thanks. Will try.

  3. You can actually just use a file manager application to browse to the APK, and the Nexus will know how to handle it from there. You do have to enable unknown sources in the settings, though.

  4. Actually, a file manager that lets you browse the file system will do the trick. Just browse to the APK, and the Nexus 7 will know what to do with it. You do need to enable unknown sources in the settings, though.

  5. but how to install the file manager when wifi is not availabe?
    I download it from PC and copy it to Nexus 7 but Nexus 7 cannot find it.

  6. I followed all of the instructions, but I cant get traktor control blink-light to respond to anything I do on the 7" tablet with phone .apk. The only thing I notice thats a little odd is that I can select your mapping and set the ports to touchOSC in controller manager. but if I close the manager and reopen it says Im on pro default settings. please help!