Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Improve Nexus 7 Battery Life

The screen and processor in Nexus 7 tablet are larger and faster, but the battery is taxed further and haven't caught up these new technologies. Instead of putting the tablet down, let's optimize and maximize the Nexus 7's battery life. Here is simple tips to help you get longer battery life out of your tablet.

Start Extending your battery's life by turnning off the features that you don't need
* Touch Settings > Personal > Location services, turn GPS off.
* Go to Settings > Device > Display, set timeout to 5 seconds and turn down screen brightness to be Less bright.
* If you don't need automatic syncing for all apps, go to Settings > Accounts > your Google account-name, and disable it.
* If you don't need the Navigation or Maps apps, don't leave them open on the screen.
* Disable your Wi-Fi when you don't need it. Touch Settings > Wireless & Networks > More, and switch to Airplane mode.

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