Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Free Up Space on Nexus 7 Internal Storage

If you are unable to install the apps and games on Nexus 7, your tablet simply might has inadequate amounts of internal storage. Some apps, like widgets, live wallpapers may not function properly, do take up space on the internal memory. Here is the tutorial on how to Free Up Nexus 7's space.

* Clear the Cache of Large Apps
Go to Settings 》 Applications, select app to check if it has a cache, and simply press the Clear cache button to clear a cache.
There are a couple of apps with a cache of several MB, such as  Goolge Maps, Play Store, Chrome and Gallery app.
* Remove Apps You Never or Rarely Use
it is naturally a good idea to find out the apps you seldom use, and uninstall them.
* Move Everything that can be moved
If the tablet store media content, such as movie videos, music files and ebooks, move them to your computer.

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