Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to fix/repair Nexus 7 with water damage

Last night I dropped my Nexus 7 in a cup of water, while the tablet was still on. Today I notes that the screnn like a fish tank and everything is dripping. How can I resurrect it somehow?

Here is a way to fix your Nexus 7 from water damage when you don't have any warranty
* First don't turn it ON.
* Remove your case and the battery, and then take it in a safe, dry place.
* Use a dry cloth to dry all external water.
* Use a blow dryer with low heat on Nexus 7. At the same time  gently shaking the tablet to and fro carefullly.
* When the device become completely dry, put it into a zip-lock bag of dry rice for at least 12 hours.
* Make sure no water comes out again. put the battery back into the Nexus 7and plug it into a charger.
* A few hours later disconnect the charger and turn it ON.
* If the tablet is still behave oddly or won't be used, you'd better take it to repair with others.

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