Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to factory reset nexus Q

If your nexus Q device is not woking fine or set up properly by the new owner, you can manual factory data reset without using your android phone or tablet, and  then the Q will be wiped. It erases all settings and data, and then return it to the exact default state as when you first opened the box.

How to Factory reset nexus Q
* First unplug the Nexus Q, then plug it in again.
* Quickly place your palm over the single LED on top for about 10 seconds until the ring LED stops flashing red and starts circling blue. If the LED turns solid red, you have to unplug and plug the Q to start again.
* When the ring LED pulses purple to indicate, it means that it is wiping all data and setting. If the Nexus Q display a rotating blue spot, finally the reset is complete.

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