Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to exit safe mode on Nexus 7

I have just received the Nexus 7 tablet 2 days ago and not even root it anymore. Somehow I got into "safe mode" and now all my downloaded apps aren't showing up. How can I get out of "safe mode"?

If your device has trouble with crash, forcing itself into Safe Mode can fix the issue. Here is how to exit safe mode on Nexus 7.

* Press the Power button to turn off the tablet and wait it for about 30 seconds..
* Pull out the battery and put the battery back in.

* Then power it back on. If the Safe Mode disappears on the left hand corner, it means that you have successfully putted your tablet in the standard mode.


  1. Integral part of unit, need to crack open the case etc. See tube for details

  2. Any other suggestions to get out of safe mode without resorting to returning to vendor for replacement

  3. Power off the Nexus 7.
    Hold down the Volume Up button then power on, when the "google" logo appears you can let go of the volume up button. You should now start up in normal mode again