Friday, July 13, 2012

How To Enable USB Debugging On Nexus 7

If you are interested in creating Android Apps for Nexus 7, it's important to test your application on a real device before released it. First you need to connect your tablet to your computer,  but to do this requires that you set up your development environment with Debug Mode enabled.

With Debug Mode, you can pull up all sorts of useful information about your Nexus 7 when paired with a computer running Android SDK.

How To Enable USB Debugging On Nexus 7
* Launch the "Settings" app on your tablet.
* Touch "Developer options" > "Android Debugging".
* Check the box for "USB debugging" to enable it. If you want to make things easier while you are running tests, you can also Enable "Stay Awake" (Screens will never sleep while charging) and "Allow mock locations" (Allow mock locations).

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