Sunday, July 8, 2012

How To Enable Face Unlock on Nexus 7 tablet

The Face Unlock feature in Android 4.1 for Google Nexus 7 tablet is very useful. The Nexus 7's camera scans your face , then compares it to a series of previously saved snapshots of the proper owner's face. With Face Unlock, just look into the front camera with a smile to unlock your tablet, with no complicated passwords or PIN to remember.

How to enable Face Unlock on Nexus 7 tablet
* From home screen, touch  Settings 》 Personal 》 Security 》 Screen lock, and
* There are different type of lock for you to use. Touch Face Unlock to enable it, and then "Set it up." Hold the tablet until your face fits in the dotted outline.
* After set up Face Unlock, you need to make Face Unlock more reliable and secure. Touch Settings 》 Personal 》 Security, and go to use "Improve face matching" and "Liveness check".

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