Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to create Chrome Bookmarks Bar on nexus 7

The iPhone version of Chrome has the built-in bookmarks bar feature, but the Android app lacks of it. However, you can create a similar set up on your home screen. That make it faster to open these favorite website without opening Chrome app first.

How to Add A Chrome Bookmarks Bar to nexus 7 Home Screen
* Touch Chrome app, tap on the bookmarks sign, and the Star icon at the bottom.
* Select Mobile Bookmarks or Desktop Boomarks. Touch and hold a bookmark, and select "Add to Home Screen". Repeat this for others. Then go to Home screen and arrange them.


  1. Not even close to what your title promises - this doesn't create a bookmarks bar at all!

  2. 1/ To save:
    Open Chrome app, touch star icon on top.
    Rename bookmark if needed
    Touch bottom right triangle, choose Mobile Bookmarks, then ->OK ->Save
    2/ To have saved bookmark on Home Screen:
    Touch the six dots at the bottom of Home Screen
    Touch WIDGETS on the top left corner
    Hold the bookmark icon
    Touch the file (one to be brought to Home Screen)

  3. I still do not get it.
    I probably go back to my galaxy 7"
    Can not believe why they changed this into such complex.bookmarks have been same forever and now some idiot decides to make it all different.
    this behavior will be the end of android.
    all these so called improvements make such a mess

  4. mary tran:s instructions does work! At least for me \m/