Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to change Nexus 7 wallpaper

If you have recently bought an Google Nexus 7 tablet and wondering on how you can switch or change the wallpaper or default background image for your Home screens, I will tell you on how you can very easily change the wallpaper on your Nexus 7.

How to change Nexus 7 wallpaper
* From Home screen, Go to Settings icon 》 Device 》 Display.
* Touch the Wallpapers option and select a wallpaper from the following source:
Gallery:  pictures taken with Camera or downloaded to your device.
Live Wallpapers: a scrolling list of animated wallpapers.
Wallpapers: the thumbnails of default images.
* Then touch "Set wallpaper". For Gallery images, you need to crop it.


  1. How would one remove a wallpaper and revert to just a black background?

  2. I guess no way to set your wallpaper to "none" so that no image file is being used. But you can use a blank image as a wallpaper.