Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to backup apps as .APK file on Nexus 7

It's important to backup Android apps on your Nexus 7 tablet and that doesn't require rooting the device. Sometime you may backup it in case not available on Google Play store, or  directly send your installed games to your friends. Here is the step by step instructions:

* Go to your Goolge Play, search for and install one of the following app on your Nexus 7.
* ASTRO file manager. Open the app, touch menu and select Application Manager/Backup. Choose the apps and backup them. I think it creates the respective apk file in backup folder.
* File Expert. Open the app, tap "App" tab and select the apps. Then touch the "Backup" button at the bottom left. It saves all the APK files of the apps in the "backup_apps" folder.

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