Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Backup and Restore Nexus 7 with Titanium

Android device has the ability to backup your wallpaper and some applications with your google account. If you need to backup everything on Nexus 7, such as  system datas/settings, Market links, all applications and their associated data, the solution is to use the powerful backup app Titanium Backup root which comes with free and premium ($6.56).

How To Backup and Restore Nexus 7 with Titanium Backup
* To do that, you must have to root your tablet, so the app can full access the Android operating system.

Performing Your First Backup
* Open the app, go to Backup/Restore tab.
* Tap the Menu button and select [RUN] Backup all user apps + system data 》Run the batch operation. The backup will start processing everything.
* Connect N7 to your computer,  navigate to /TitaniumBackup/ and copy entire directory to hard storage or dropbox cloud.

Restoring a Backup
* The app offers several options to restore, like restore everything, individual app data, or App only.
* In the Backup/Restore screen, Touch Menu 》 Batch, choose your restoration needs, and touch "Restore".

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