Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Add a Website Shortcut to Nexus 7 Home Screen

Are you looking for a way to quickly access a web site or page  on your Nexus 7? With Chrome for Android updated, you can add a website shortcut on the Home screen for taking you directly to the page.

* Open the Google Chrome app. Go to view your bookmarks.
* Pick the bookmark you want to add, and long-press on the icon.
* It will pop up a menu with some options. Select "Add to home screen" option. Now you can find it on the Home screen.


  1. What if the site is not bookmarked? Is there no way to add shortcut to home screen directly? Love this feature on iPhone and iPad. Disappointing not to have it on the Nexus 7.

  2. what does long-press on the icon mean?

  3. That worked. Thanks!

    @Dan, americanjacobin When I first went to bookmarks, near the top of the screen was : Bookmarks>Mobile Bookmarks. Finally (after trying everything else) I touched the word 'Bookmarks,' and three folders, Desktop, Other, and Mobile showed up. Scribble was in Desktop. I long-pressed on that (touch and hold) and the icon showed up on the desktop. I'm using Apex launcher, so I then pulled the icon down into my dock.

    Sorry to hijack your thread. :)

    What a nice, clean, well-written program. As always, please keep me on your email list for new stuff.