Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to add new Folder on Nexus 7 Email app

Nexus 7's default built-in email client allows you to set up Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, but it is lacking the ability to create folders anywhere. If you need to create the folder inside your email account, only way is to access your email account in a Web browser.

How to add New Folder with Yahoo Email on Nexus 7
* Touch Google Chrome app first.
Sign into Gmail, tap the "More" 》 "Create New Label, type a name and tap "Create".
Yahoo Mail
Open Yahoo Mail and sign into your account. Tap "Folders" 》"Plus" and name the folder.
Sign into Hotmail, tap the "Gear" icon 》"Add a New Folder".
* From Home screen, Touch Email app, go to "Menu" and then "Folders" to access the mail folders.

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