Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts on Nexus 7

Gmail is the email services accessed by a Google Account. If you have multiple Gmail accounts as much you want because it's free, it's easy to set up more than one Gmail ID on your Nexus 7 tablet without impacting other Gmail account.

How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts on Nexus 7 tablet
* Touch Settings 》 Accounts 》 Add account.
* In the next screen, you will see these option: Corporate, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Select Google from the options and touch Next.
* Select "Sign in" to add a Google Account, enter your already username and password, and then "Sign in". The tablet will communication with Google Servers and complete the task. Do the above setps to add others.


  1. How do I remove an account from the Nexus 7?

    1. To remove go to settings > accounts > google.
      Then choose the e-mail you want to remove.
      Under the time there are 3 bullets lined up vertically.
      Tap it and press remove account.

  2. I've put my Exchange email and password exactly how I use it on my computer, but it isn't working. I have it working on my iPhone, so I know my Exchange can be synced. I type in my email then my password. no good.