Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ebook Readers for Nexus 7

I have lots of ePub books on my computer and turn the PC into an ebook reader for a long time. Now I have got the Nexus 7 and love the bigger screen. Is there a good ebook reader which is currently working for the tablet?

Best Ebook Readers for Nexus 7 Tablets
* Kobo has online bookstore and allows you to import ePUB content. It's clean interface and actually pretty nice, but doesn't offer a two-page layout.
* Kindle app for Android tablet let you read all your Kindle books with your Amazon account. It has the cheap eBooks, but doesn't support the ePUB format.
* FBreader supports epub, rtf, fb2(.zip), mobi, and plain text file formats. The app runs fast and has many good features. However, it looks ugly and the page curl animation is terrible.


  1. I give high marks to Aldiko from the Play Store. Free, of course.

  2. Moon+ Reader is good, especially the Pro version which can use text-to-speech (TTS). It reads PDFs in TTS mode as well as ePub. Btw, the Ivona TTS voices are excellent and currently free to use while in beta.

  3. i like moon+ reader pro. i use paid apps especially if it's pretty useful just to support the app developer. it behave like kindle reader. i can highlight, make note and copy paste the quote i like to sns site. it can read pdf too.

    aldiko pro is my next best ebook reader.