Monday, July 23, 2012

Compatible chargers for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 charges via regular micro USB and the charger is a 2A charger. If you lose your the OEM charger, it seems that you have to buy a new one. Don't worry. There are some compatible chargers woking really well at exactly the same rate.

The compatible chargers list for Nexus 7
* The blackberry playbook 1.8a charger.
* HP TouchPad charger
* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Charger.
* Galaxy SII do the job quickly and well.
* A Motorola wall charger plugged in the wa

The iPad 2's, Blackberry phone's and Philips universal charger are not working for that.

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  1. I use a Nook Tablet charger, works fine, output is around 2 amps at 5 volts, almost identical to the original charger.