Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chrome not syncing bookmarks on Nexus 7

I have all my bookmarks in Chrome browser on my desktop, and then I have signed in and enabled sync. On my Nexus 7 tablet, I sign into  Chrome using the same account and also have synced. But when I open the Bookmarks and poke "Desktop Bookmarks" or "Other Bookmarks", there is nothing.

I go to clear cache and history, and it will sync a certain amount of bookmark folders but then just stops. Then I remove my google accounts from both chrome on my computer and on Nexus 7, and re-add them. Now it seem to work seamlessly.

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  1. I thought I was experiencing this problem, but then I realized I was in the Bookmarks > Mobile Bookmarks menu. I just tapped "Bookmarks" in the top-left corner and it took me back to the main Bookmark menu. From there I could access my Desktop Bookmarks