Friday, July 20, 2012

Cannot wake up Nexus 7 in the dark

There is a weird problem with my Nexus 7 tablet. If I take it to the room with enough lights and push the power button, N7 will wake up automatically. And when I put my covering up the light senor and camera, I can't wake it up.

Then I turn off the lights in the room, and recreate the same problem in the dark, no matter what I do. However, after I disable the "auto-brightness" feature in the setting, Nexus 7  works like normal. I love the pretty Auto brightness, but it may cause the issue.

Are you having the exactly same problem in the dark?


  1. Im having problems with automatic brightness and the Nexus 7, too. The sensor seems too sensitive and actually switches off the backlight completely....... which makes it impossible to see!!!!!! Caused huge problems on setup until I realized what was going on. Had to shine a torch on the screen to see it. Disabled auto brightness and working as it should.... no more invisible mode, but Google, Asus....... seriously where is your quality testing......... completely absent it seems.

  2. I have the same issue. Was driving me mad as I thought it was random. Thanks for the post, hopefully this will be patched soon.

  3. I have this exact same issue. I wonder whether it is a hardware issue or software.

  4. Same problem. Everything seems to be working fine after turning off auto brightness. However, I assume battery power will deplete more rapidly when not using it.

  5. Simmilar problem with me.
    Got my Nexus 7 yesterday. Everything seems to work.
    In the morning (after a long "standby period") I could not turn the device on.
    I hard rebootet the Nexus 7 in the morning and after work I could not wake it up from Standby.

    Short Standby periods are not the problem. Battery was charged.
    I tried to test it in a "dark room" ;-)
    But could not reproduce the effect.

  6. Just wanted to add, that I have exactly the same problem, than Anonymous!

    Device not waking up after long standby. If I connect the device to the PC, the PC finds it, so it has to be active still.

  7. I am having the same issue - was thinking about returning as defective until I figured it out. Are there any solutions? Does anyone know if it is a hardware or a software (or both!) issue?