Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bluetooth/WiFi/GPS toggle widgets for Nexus 7

Widgets on the home screen gives users a unique way to see information or change the settings of your device. It's a pain that you have to constantly dig through Setting to disable or enable something. With toggle widgets, the particular functions alleviates this pain.

Best toggle widgets for Nexus 7
* Power Widget lite (BK Mobility) puts a widget bar on your home screen, so you can easily monitor and toggle a multitude of settings, including Airplane,WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Stay awake, Always On, Screen Timeout. It's highly customizable but lacks of data off/on switch.
* Power Controls app also contains the above toggle options. It works perfect and has other useful features, such Battery info, Custom app/system shortcut and resize widget. Simpler and Faster than Widgetsoid 2.x.

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