Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best RSS Reader Apps for Nexus 7

You may always open browser to check out the latest news, but RSS does simplifie the way for news. If You are looking for a RSS reader app for using in your Nexus 7 tablet, take a look at the best RSS readers I could find. Each of the RSS readers can be found and installed in the Google Play store.

* gReader is a RSS feed client that allows you to view all at the same time or view your feeds by category. It syncs with Google Reader account and has the ability to search feed on the list.
* Google Reader is easiest to configure and features swipe  navigation that's similar to flip through the pages of a book.
* Pulse News is a typical RSS reader incorporated visuals. Easy to add any content in one place and run smothely. It Features offline sync, dual view and easy sharing.
* NewsRob has simple UI and syncs faster with RSS feeds than others. It autosyncs with Google Reader in the background ans supports great gesture.

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