Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Clock Widget for nexus 7

Nexus 7 is missing the data display on the main home screen. It does display on the lock screen, but Clock widgets can provide the data/time and other useful information right on screen. There are many Android widgets available on Google Play Store and I compile some of the ones here.

Best Clock Widget for nexus 7
* SiMi Clock (hateman)
It's simple apperance but well-presented time information with full feature. It allows you to use defined time/date formats, and change text size/color and background.
* Make Your Clock (Tomas Hubalek)
Design your own clock and customize the colour, shape, and size. It also display battery and weather information. But far too  many resource eating.
* ClockQ - Digital Clock (Jakub Kinst)
Cool digital styles and very easy to use. It provides fonts, scaling and rotation options and is great for a tablet. But the weather temperature is always wrong.
* Pesoguin Clock (watch)
A cute little character tells you the time with funny expressions. The graphics are adorable. But it keeps pushing you to get the full version.
* Digital Clock Disc (Thalion)
Simply beautifully design and theme looks perfectly. Works great on Jelly Bean.

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