Friday, July 20, 2012

Best Android Web Browsers for Nexus 7

There are a lot of web browsers for Android available in the Google Play Store. They comes with different features: speedy browsing, syncing things with other device, flash navigation or Do Not Track. Here is the best Android web browsers for Nexus 7 tablet.

* Firefox for Android fully supports Firefox Sync with your desktop. It runs fast and supports add-ons and Personas. With  Awesome Page, you can get back all your recently visited tabs.
* Chrome is the standard browser on Nexus 7. Easily drag your thumb from the edges of the screen to quickly change tabs. It  simplifies application-level settings, supports incognito Mode browsing, pinch to zoom, and tabs syncing.
* Opera Mobile/Mini allows you to sync your bookmarks, speed dial, and other preferences with your desktop version of Opera. It compresses web data in the background and the speed is faster than others.
* Dolphin Browser HD/Mini supports third-party plug-ins, it beings built-in speech-to-text and on-screen gestures.

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  1. I prefer MiniBrowser Pro. ..Supports flash, adblock, video downloader.