Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Apex Launcher for Nexus 7

I had used Gingerbread to hide any stock app on my android phone, but find it's not working on ICS without rooting. After I doing a search, quirky find Apex Launcher for Nexus 7. The app lets you create a customized homescreen, such as add more homescreens, get fancy transition effects, change icons/folder for customization,  and multiple drawer styles. It also supports backuping or restoring the tablet settings and data.

With Apex Launcher, I really love using the hide feature. For example, it gives you the option to hide search bar, status bar, the dock, and apps from the drawer. Works pretty nice and this is the Best launcher for Nexus 7.


  1. I really like the Apex Launcher. I have it on my S3 running ICS. But I have noticed a couple glitches on my Nexus 7. Specifically, when exiting the Play Store after downloading an app, book, etc. it reverts to the default launcher. Once I open up any app or bring up the app drawer it resolves itself though. Anyone else having similar problems?

  2. Apex is definitely the best launcher for nexus; however, for some reason play library widget will not work in the apex launcher. Does anyone know why or better yet have a fix?