Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Add widgets to your nexus 7 notification bar

There are all sorts of info on the Android's notification bar. With Notification Toggle, it's easy to add app shortcuts and widget for customing Android notification bar on your nexus 7 tablet.

Create and set up your new custom notification bar on nexus 7
* When first open the Notification Toggle app, "Single Notifications" section gives you a list of all the widgets to activate: WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound/Vibration, Brihtness dialog, Rotation and Flight mode. Check on it to enable the display in the bar. Then have quick and easy access to use individual functions in the notification area.
* You can also create an "all-in-one" widget. Then access a series of app shortcuts in a single line on the Android notification bar.
* There are a few other apps with similar functionality. Just search from Google Play Store.

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