Sunday, February 3, 2013

Active lockscreen enable lock screen with many shortcut options

There are as many as alternative locking screens Launcher for Android   roughly, such as Active lockscreen by Celltick. It is characterized mainly by the many customizable shortcuts that can be used. In addition to the usual shortcuts to unlock and for the volume mode, there are more features.

The four groups are for contacts, apps, camera, and recently used applications that are assigned automatically by the app, but can be filled as required by hand using apps. The contact group besides applications can also contain shortcuts to individual contacts, which you can call directly from the lockscreen.

In the settings of the app, you can also install various plugins and enable a lof of themes from play store. It is certainly interesting, but is not my style. Even the existing legacy menu button bothers me. That should  turn users in with devices without more software buttons. Perhaps Active lockscreen is what you are looking for.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nexus 4 camera not taking pictures issues

I have got a new nexus 4 phone and don't mess with settings and roms. Everything worked fine without any issues since tonight. When I focused on my wife and other subjects and pressed the shutter button to take pictures, it didn't automatically send them to my image gallery. Today I still get the issues. Only random 10 of 30 taken pictures are there.

How to fix "Nexus 4 camera not taking pictures" problem
* This is definitely a bug with the android app. Catching any picture is not working. I notice that camera runs slowly and has one second delay.
* You could temporarily close the app and restart it again to use. The solution is to power off the device and turn it back on.
* The picture gallery doesn't update fast, so you can the files explorer app to see if the files are in the DCIM folder of your SD card.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Nexus 4 comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4 become two of the most in-demand phones in the world now. Here is the comparison specifications with them.

Device Name Samsung Galaxy S3 Google Nexus 4
Dimensions 70.6mm * 137mm * 8.6mm 68.7mm * 134mm * 9.1mm
Weight 133g (4.69oz) a lighter device 139g (4.9oz)
designs Larger surface area, but thinner A glass front and back with a plastic band.
Display Screen 4.8in Super AMOLED,
720 x 1280, 306ppi
4.7in IPS,
768 x 1280, 320ppi
Processor US: Qualcomm S4 1.5GHz dual core
Global: Samsung Exynos Quad 1.4GHz quad core
Impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz quad-core
memory RAM US: 2GB
Global: 1GB
Storage 16GB, 32GB or 64GB model with a microSD card slot 8GB or 16GB models, without SD
Wireless 3G, LTE 3G HSPA+ with 42Mbps speeds
Battery a removable 7.8Wh (2100mAh) battery. 7.8Wh battery, but it isn't accessible.
rear facing cameras 8Mp, support recording video in full HD 1080p
front facing camera lens 1.9Mp 1.3Mp
OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Android, 4.2 Jelly Bean with?additional features

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Play YouTube Videos Non-Stop in Background on Android

The official YouTube app doesn't support the way to play videos non-stop in the background on Android device. If you are just switch from  Spotify app to Youtube, you will notice you can't listened the playlists on Android device, like Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

How to Play YouTube Videos Non-Stop in the Background on Android
* NextVid – YouTube player from the Play Store is a medie app for playing YouTube videos and songs in the background without any Ad.
* To import YouTube Playlists to NextVid, you need to set your playlists from private to public. Login to YouTube homepage, click on the Playlist link on the left sidebar of screen, go to Manage tab, click the lock icon, and then select Public option.
* I have install it on my Nexus 7, but wouldn't play. The tablets version needs some improvement, such as channel access, forward, and loop option.

How to Disable Facebook for Android Notifications

If you have setup Gmail/Google+/Facebook syncing progress on multiple Android device, such as Nexus 7 tablet and N4 phone. Everything you get new request or message, the notification will display simultaneously on all devices. It is annoying.

* If you haven't upgraded to Android Jelly Bean OS, go to mute all the notifications. Within the Facebook app, touch Settings from the in-app menu. Scroll down to Notification option, uncheck it to disable all notifications like messages, comments and wall posts.
* For Jelly Bean users, open app drawer, tap Settings > Apps > FaceBook, uncheck "Show notification" option and tap OK to confirm it.
* If you don't want to receive notifications from specific friends, try these tips. Open the Facebook app, tap on the three lines button. Within navigation panel, type in the contact name you would like to block into search box, select it, tap on message >  information button and then turn off notification from this conversation.

Hide Android Screen Keyboard When Using Bluetooth Keyboard

The virtual on-screen keyboard is very useful on touch tablet. However, when I get a an external Bluetooth keyboard to connect with my Nexus 7 Android 4.1, it keep popping up and always let me make mistake. I have to move the cursor and touched the screen to hide it. That also happen on my Samsung Note 10.1 and Droid3 with lapdock. Finally I find solutions to solve the problem.

How to Hide Android Screen Keyboard When paired with Bluetooth Keyboard
* Null Keyboard prevent on-screen keyboard from popping up all the time. After you have installed it on your device, you need to  activate it. Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard, and check the box with "Null Keyboard". When you are edit email or write message with friend, just change the input method to it. To get it working better,  you can use Tasker app to automatically toggle input method.

* AnySoftKeyboard detects a key press event from an external keyboard and then automatically hide the on-screen one. Once it is installed, go to Settings > Languages, and tick AnySoftKeyboard. Then tap on its settings button and check "Hide keyboard on physical key" box. This is the best way if you often need to switch between two keyboard.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nexus 4 in call volume too lower/louder

I have got my LG nexus 4 16GB and hook it up with TMobile SIM card. When I try a test phone call with my wife, it comes with poor quality sound from the small speaker. The call volume is too low. My wife hear the callers voice clearly on the smartphone. It is very difficult to hear what she was saying for me.

Then I go to the setting and setup the volume to maximum level, and use Music Volume EQ app to improve sound quality. However, I am still experiencing the problem and sound is extremely harsh and unbearably loud. I have to put it away from my ear.

It seems to be a audio output bug with Android 4.2.1. To fix the issues and get it working as normal, use volume rocker app to raise the volume setting to the max while in call and then lower it back down.